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Why Aurora Pearl?

Aurora Pearl owned and run by husband and wife team, Emma and Scott is an ever expanding entertainment and decor hire company based in Braintree, Essex.

The company has grown from strength to strength, following Emma and Scott’s own wedding back in 2010.

The name Aurora Pearl‘ was created during a massive brain storming session between directors, Emma and Scott.

Aurora from the Aurora Borealis – otherwise known as ‘The Northern Lights

Emma and Scott’s answers when questioned on how the business started..
“The use of light, effects and colours that we can create from our equipment reminds us of The Northern Lights, so it felt its only right to include the word Aurora as a fitting tribute to these stunning phenomenon.”

We know what its like and exactly what goes into planning a wedding. It is stressful.
All we wanted for our big day was for it to run smoothly and be how we wanted it be – seamless and perfect, with also something just that little bit different.
With this at the forefront of our mind, we created Aurora Pearl, to not only provide Entertainment and Decor Hire for weddings – but to offer that expertise of knowledge and tips that we gained from planning our own wedding. To answer any questions our couples may have, give advice and also to ensure their own big day is seamless and perfect.”

Emma and Scott in an Aurora Pearl Photo Booth at their Wedding.


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